We like to think our clinic is friendly and welcoming. If you have small children, please feel free to bring them with you if that's easier. As parents ourselves we are always happy to see your children too!

When you arrive for your first appointment you will need to fill in a case history form and an ACC form if required. Arriving 5 minutes before your appointment is recommended to get the paperwork side of things out the way...

Our initial consultation will involve a thorough case history detailing your current problems and also any older injuries you might have. This gives us a clearer picture of how your body is working, compensation patterns that may have formed and other areas that we might need to address.

We will also run through general medical and lifestyle questions to build on this picture we are creating. If you are taking regular medications then a list of these drugs is a useful thing to bring along with you on your first visit.


We will then perform a full examination. We may ask you to remove some clothing so please wear a singlet or bring shorts if that is more comfortable for you. Being able to see your body move and note any restrictions/asymmetries is essential for Osteopaths to gather all the information they need.

Usually we will get you to perform a selection of simple movements- within reason for what you can manage. Once we have noted your active ranges of movement we will get you to sit or lie on the couch and we will then do some passive movements as well.

We will discuss what what we are finding the whole way through each session and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Based on what we have found we will 

  • Use our hands to gently work on the muscles, bones and joints of your body and advise you on how to avoid the problem happening again
  • Give you relevant exercises/stretches/postural advice
  • We may recommend heat/ice/taping if necessary

We will do another assessment of movement and balance at the end of each session

One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means you were put to the test and did not fall apart”
— Linda Poindexter