John is the family musician and chef! He was actually a chef in a past life and is more than happy to share his latest culinary finds (his sticky beef short rib recipe is a current patient favourite!!) John loves cars and driving and is brilliant at making minor tweaks to your driving position to really make a change in your posture. An appreciator of wine and craft beer and how he can match them to his latest recipes is always a good topic of discussion! Lead singer of his band, he also plays guitar and loves spending time with our boys "making music"!!! John also loves cycling, rugby and cricket- especially with Henry, our oldest. John LOVES his job, always enthusiastic and committed to helping people get to where they want to be.

Jo is a keen sports person and enjoys boxing, running and pilates but her passion is definitely horses! She is also a qualified Equine Osteopath but now spends more time training her own horse, Fred, and treating her human patients!. Also an AVID book reader, Jo is more than happy to talk about new authors, books good and bad and anything literary! As a busy mum of 2 boys Jo understands the stresses and strains of pregnancy and the non stop nature of parenting today! Jo is also extremely passionate about posture in children- she has been working with the boys school to discuss device use (and overuse!!) postural problems associated with ipad/computer use in school children and useful exercises and stretches that can be incorporated into a school day.




Debs has been working with us now for over 4 years and brings her smile and enthusiasm along every single day!!! Deborah (Debs) White trained the UK at the College of Osteopaths in North London graduating in 2009 and attended the Sutherland Cranial College. Debs moved back to Auckland in 2013 to continue her work as an Osteopath and Cranial Osteopath.

Debs is a keen sportsperson, enjoying most sports particularly softball and rugby. Debs is often found on the sideline taping her team mates during softball games. She is a keen runner and gym goer.

Debs has spent time training in other aspects of treatment modalities including cranial osteopathy for treating babies, myofascial release techniques, Kinesio taping and prescribing Pilates based rehab programmes and stretching to suit the individuals needs.

Terry has been an Osteopath and Acupuncturist for over 30 years. Terry founded the well known Northshore Osteopathic Clinic and we are lucky to have him working along side us now as we continue to take our clinic forward. Terry is passionate about the importance of good posture, especially in our children, and theres not much Terry hasn't treated over the years... He is our Yoda figure in the clinic!!