Favourite new recipe!!


Ok, I had a bit of a baking day last week... and this was top of my agenda! A coconut- courgette (zucchini) loaf. I thought that would be super yum for snacks, be great for kids lunchbox- other than for Sam who is extremely suspicious of anything nut.....

I did somehow manage to loose my loaf tin, so this recipe became muffins! And makes great muffins. I also used half the rice malt syrup, and added desiccated coconut directly to the mix.... I also burnt the hell out of the first batch- so didn't go popping them in the oven and then start doing Pilates in your bedroom and come out 45 min later to slightly charred muffins!!

Great as snacks on their own, but my personal fave is having one warmed up, good blob of unsweetened yoghurt on top and fresh blueberries... a great nutritious breakfast!