Post Holiday Blues.

img_3460 Its been a while since I wrote, and that is because Ive just had an amazing holiday in California!! We had a crazy fun week doing Universal Studios and Disneyland with the kids (I met Kylo Ren and Chewbacca!!!!) and then we had a more leisurely week driving up the coast to San Francisco stopping in at Pismo and Monterey along the way. I got to go whale watching and saw humpbacks leaping out the water and hundreds of dolphins swimming along side the boat- it was amazing! My oldest son now wants to be a Marine Biologist when he grows up and is boring us all to death about how to tell a Common Dolphin from a Pacific something or other dolphin (I switch off pretty early in that conversation!) My youngest never wants to go on a boat ever again. Poor chap was sick for 4 hours!

It was sooooo good to get away. I ADORE New Zealand, but I have always had a wanderlust and theres times I just need to go somewhere. Its been a really really busy year at work for John and Myself so a break was well deserved!! And now we are home. And I'm not very excited about that!!!! What is it about holidays that is so enjoyable? Is it the time off work? Is it the exploring of a new place? Is it the different weather you might encounter? I love seeing new places. I love the smells, the sounds, the different languages (where applicable!) and the different food. But I also love the food at home, the scenery in New Zealand is second to none and the weather isn't all that bad, so why so glum now I am home?



Super cool palm trees in Pismo


I think its the time away that I personally crave. Time to switch off from the general business and stresses and time to really let your brain slow down. Our holiday was very busy, but it was fun busy- it wasn't doing accounts, processing payments, booking patients, doing homework with the kids etc, it was going to aquariums, walking along new beaches, going on crazy rides at Disney etc. it was FUN! And I think thats why it takes a while to re adjust at the other end- day to day life isn't quite as fun! So I'm trying to focus on the little things that are fun- a friends birthday drinks tonight, taking the kids to the movies next week in the school holidays, riding my horse.... Keeping focused on the good stuff and don't let yourself slide into a negative rut. Yes work isn't always fun, yes life is busy and can be monotonous, but we can all find some fun and enjoyable things in our weeks.


So go and find the fun people... Walk in a new place you haven't been to before, call up an old friend, make a new recipe you haven't tried, buy a new book to read. Its so important to have things to look forward to, even little things. Its what makes the mundane stuff bearable!