Welcome to Osteopath&Co!

This is the beginning of my new exploration into being healthy. What is health? How do we become healthy? Does it make us happy? Does being happy make us healthy? I'm 38. I've been an Osteopath for 15 years, a wife for 12 and a mother for 10. I have an amazing husband (unless he is snoring!) and 2 fantastic sons who challenge my physical and mental prowess daily! I'm a trainee Pilates instructor, food lover, wine lover and sports enthusiast of all kinds (except golf- stupidly frustrating game!)

I'm hoping to share some insights into what I think being healthy might mean and some ways we can become healthier. Some osteopathic bits, some foodie bits, some exercise bits. And my amazing team from work always give me great ideas, so I'll throw in a bit from them too! (Acupuncture, midwifery, massage therapy to name a few)

I hope it will be interesting and lighthearted.... I have been known to prattle so I shall endeavour to keep the prattling to a minimum!!

I will leave you all with the conundrum Sam (aged 6, mini Conan the Barbarian) hit me with this week.... Who would fart louder- Yoda or Darth Vadar?! Please discuss amongst yourselves......!